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Consultation on our research priorities

We want your views to inform our research priorities over the next five years and beyond.

The Modern Slavery and Human Rights Policy and Evidence Centre (Modern Slavery PEC, or the Centre), exists to enhance understanding of modern slavery and transform the effectiveness of law and policies designed to overcome it.

With the commissioning of high-quality research at its heart, the Centre aims to bring together academics, policymakers, businesses, civil society, survivors and the public on a scale not seen before in the UK to collaborate on solving this global challenge.

In line with the Centre’s collaborative approach, we are launching a consultation to inform our research priorities over the next five years and beyond.

We would welcome input from a wide range of people working in the anti-slavery field, including academics, civil society, policymakers, lawmakers, businesses, frontline activists and – most importantly – survivors.

The below survey is the first and an important part of this process, seeking to find out about the research priorities amongst individuals and organisations working in the anti-slavery field. Other aspects of the consultation include the mapping of stakeholders and the development of evidence reviews. You will be asked about your willingness to participate in the later stages of the process at the end of the survey.

The responses will help the Modern Slavery PEC develop its research strategy, which we will publish in October 2020.

We value everyone’s views. We are keen to receive input from as many people and organisations as possible, no contribution is too small. Please share this survey with anyone who could contribute with their insight. Thank you.


Next steps

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the consultation by taking our survey. The response so far has been excellent and we hope to enable more people to take part by keeping it open until the end of September.

We will also be holding a series of roundtables between 21st September and 1st October to bring stakeholders together to explore issues raised in the survey, and to help develop and refine our analysis of different research priorities. We will be inviting those who took the survey and indicated their willingness to take part, but also inviting others involved in networks and stakeholder groups around modern slavery, to try and get the widest possible range of voices. If you have not done so already, please fill out the survey and let us know if you would like to be involved.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to fill in the survey, we would welcome any requests to participate in the roundtables. Simply send an email to office@modernslaverypec.org and indicate your area of interest and background (e.g. policymaker, researcher, practitioner, survivor, independent expert etc.), and availability between the dates of 21st September and 1st October.

Thank you.