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We strive for a world where people are protected from modern slavery by effective, evidence-based policies.

About us

The Modern Slavery and Human Rights Policy and Evidence Centre (Modern Slavery PEC) was created to enhance understanding of modern slavery and transform the effectiveness of laws and policies designed to overcome it.

Our research areas

Preventing modern slavery

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Understanding survivor needs and enhancing victim support

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Modern slavery in business supply chains

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The effectiveness of legal enforcement measures

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Consultation on our research priorities

In line with the Centre’s collaborative approach, we are carrying out a consultation to inform our research priorities over the next five years and beyond.

Latest tweets

If you want some reading ahead of the event, check out our blog on what we need to focus our research on in that area and why we need business at the table (via @FightPoverty) https://t.co/NSeqB1mxyL
We are looking forward to our roundtable with business due to start shortly to listen to their feedback on @SlaveryPEC priorities for research in exploitation in global supply chains. Business supply chains is one of key areas of focus for us. https://t.co/wApwnwAp35