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We strive for a world where people are protected from modern slavery by effective, evidence-based policies.

About us

The Modern Slavery PEC was created to enhance understanding of modern slavery and transform the effectiveness of laws and policies designed to prevent it.

Our research areas

Preventing modern slavery

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Understanding survivor needs and enhancing victim support

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Modern slavery in business supply chains

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The effectiveness of legal enforcement measures

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Modern Slavery PEC’s five new calls for research proposals

Four responsive research calls announced and open call for research pre-announced.

Our strategy

The strategy for the Modern Slavery PEC 2021-24.

Latest tweets

"It’s vital to not only raise awareness but identify the clear actions that consumers can take" - @profdeirdreshaw from @UofGlasgow on research on the best ways to engage consumers in addressing #modernslavery. Listen to the Modern Slavery PEC podcast: https://t.co/frcSVFtXo1 https://t.co/lKsaR1Hx40
"Modern slavery results from multiple, overlapping drivers, creating situations where exploitation becomes easier to perpetrate." Our Director of Research @alex_balch blogs on why we opened funding call on links between #modernslavery & wider policies. https://t.co/GN5aPCSAT0